Homeowners' Association
(HOA) Management

Successful HOA management is about creating and maintaining a safe and beautiful environment for all residents. Homeowner associations help homeowners ensure that all properties in the development meet certain standards and that properties maintain their values. At Iconic Property Management, we strive to provide homeowners with the best possible community environment and enhance property values, while applying best business practices to the administration of the community.
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Is your homeowners’ association struggling to keep up with collections and services? Hiring a professional HOA management company can help your HOA collect the funds it needs in order to run smoothly and efficiently. Iconic Property Management serves all of San Diego County. We have worked hard to build a reputation of integrity, service, and efficiency. We can provide full-service HOA management and can also customize our management services to the specific needs of your community.


When researching HOA management companies, look for a team of professionals with extensive experience in managing homeowner associations. Look for an HOA management company that is skilled in managing group dynamics and fostering good communication among members. Your team will be dealing directly with homeowners, board members, contractors, attorneys, accountants and other professionals, so good communication and conflict resolution skills are essential. In addition to these important communication skills, your team must possess excellent organization skills and be financially savvy.
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Iconic Property Management provides a team of professionals to take care of all aspects of managing your property, including financial management, administrative services and site maintenance services. We work directly with the association and homeowners to maintain the community’s standards and fulfill the needs of homeowners.

Comprehensive Association Management

Iconic manages its customers with a careful and proactive approach, anticipating issues before they develop into serious problems for the community. With focus on practical solutions for associations, we specialize in all aspects of community management including budgeting, attending meetings, retaining records, performing inspections, as well as much more to assist your community with its management needs. Our comprehensive management service includes these items as well as the following:
comprehensive association management
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Accounting / Bookkeeping Services

  • Monitors monthly expenses
  • Receives & processes member payments
  • Reports delinquent accounts for collections
  • Prepares monthly financial statement
  • Assists w/ budget
  • Prepares checks for payment of expenses
  • Coordinates w/ independent accountant for annual audit, review or compilatio as required
  • Institutes CPA’s recommended adjustments to financial records
  • Records income, expenses, assets & liabilities
    • We use accrual method of accounting and association’s approved Chart of Accounts

HOA Meeting Services

We will coordinate, prepare, and distribute notices required by the governing documents or directed by the association. This includes all board correspondence of notices, notice of annual meetings, notice of elections, etc.

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Records Retention Services

Iconic will file and store all community documents for a period of seven years or more (at your association’s request). We will make records available to membership for copying or viewing with due notice during regular business hours at our office location. We will maintain a filing system of the association’s important documents including contracts, meeting minutes, public agency filings, financial information, insurance policies, resolutions, and legal documents.

Administrative Support

Our office administrative staff supports our managers and accounting department in many ways to ensure our customers receive industry-best service. This includes preparing general correspondence, dealing with routine operational matters between the association and residents, contractors, agents, government officials, or other entities, responding to owners and their prospective purchasers regarding their individual accounts on a timely basis, assisting in resale and rental transfer paperwork for board approvals, prioritizing and responding to all requests of association and board members in a timely manner, keeping the board informed of problem areas and recommendations for actions needed to be taken, and handling complaints and concerns in a timely and professional manner.
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